Kista’s Three Towers – Sweden

Kista’s Three Towers, Sweden

Kista is the technical hub, not just of Sweden, but arguably, of the world, second only to California’s Silicon Valley. The suburb, 20 minutes north of Stockholm, is home to some of the biggest names in technology: IBM, Ericsson, Tele2 Sverige and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.  What makes Kista such an interesting place is the juxtaposition of the high-tech employees with the incredible blend of immigrants which live close by, people from Somalia, Syria, Kurdistan, Eritrea, Bosnia, Central Asia, South America, Turkey, Iran and Iraq. I teach art at a school in Kista and when I was asked to paint a mural for the Central Zone area of the school I immediately thought of Kista’s three towers. In my picture I wanted to mix the sharp modern shapes of technology with the vibrant colours of the different cultures which make up the demographic of Kista.

Mural Painting – Acrylic on wall 300cm x 200cm (approximately)

Original Painting Mural painting, therefore not for sale

Prints £80

Set of 3 gift cards £20

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