Jemaa el-Fna at Night in Marrakesh – Morocco

Jemaa El Fna has functioned as the main market and cultural hub of Marrakesh for a thousand years. Every day people congregate in the square to be entertained by snake charmers, preachers, apothecaries, henna tattooists, poets, traditional water-carriers, acrobats, fortune-tellers, monkey trainers, Berber musicians, dancers and santoor players.

The square, which is actually more of a triangle shape, is located at the entrance of the Medina quarter of the city and is surrounded by restaurants and public buildings. It is in the centre of the square where the entertainers draw in the crowds. The square comes to life around 8 am and continues to midnight. As the day goes on, more and more pop up food stalls and performers appear. As evening comes smoke from the food stalls thickens the air and the atmosphere of Jemaa El Fna goes from a bustling market to intoxicating and at times chaotic mass.

In my painting of Jemaa el-Fna I have tried to capture the busy at and chaotic amosphere after the sun sets with the crowds of people buzzing around the food stalls.

Acrylic on Canvas 

Original Painting £240

Prints £80

Set of 3 gift cards £20

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