The Witches’ Market in La Paz – Bolivia

On small a cobbled street in the old quarter of La Paz is one of the strangest markets in the world, El Mercado de las Brujas also known as The Witches’ Market. Dozens of women in bright coloured shawls and black hats sit by stalls selling weird products and fascinating folk remedies.

Alongside prepackaged spells, amulets, talismans and bottles of potions wrapped in colourful llama fleece are the raw materials needed to crate your own spells; dried starfish, dried toucan beaks, owl feathers, lacquered frogs, coca leaves, herbs, dried turtles and snakes. In ancient Bolivian folklore these items bring luck, wealth, beauty, love and fertility.

Acrylic on Canvas 

Original Painting £240

Prints £80

Set of 3 gift cards £20

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